14" Showerhead Perc Silicone Bong

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This water bong with camouflage pattern stands 13.78" tall and measures 852g weight, which is made of durable and flexible silicone.

Unlike traditional silicone bongs, this water pipe from Puffing Bird features a detachable design and a removable glass showerhead percolator. The bent neck design is more comfortable to use on the table and also can prevent the water from splashing into your mouth. 

The silicone water pipe comes with an 18mm male to 14mm female adapter and a 14mm male bong bowl.

  • Accessories: 1×18mm male to 14mm female adapter, 1× 14mm Male Glass Bong Bowl
  • Bent Neck
  • Height: 13.78" / 35CM
  • Weight: 852g
  • Removable Adapter: 0.09"/ 0.22CM
  • 5.3mm Thickness
  • 18mm Female Joint
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  • Sub-Category: Cheap Bongs